Cable Rewinding Unit

KSP 80 for winding and unwinding of cables

The KSP 80 pulls cable rests from a submarine cable ship and rewinds it directly on cable drums of up to 80,000 kg total weight. The drums get tensed up by the drive rollers. A tensile and braking force of up to 110 kN depending on the drum diameter.

The winding and rewinding speed is regulated steplessly between 0 up to 25 m/min. What means that cables can be rewinded even in steep trails.

Application fields

• Laying of submarine cables

• Connection of wind parks

• Cable laying in steep trails

Layered Arrangement

A remote control with potentiometer controls the drive rollers and the layered arrangement.

Control of the Cable Rewinding Unit

The remote control regulates speed and direction oft he drum and the layered arrangement. Therefore the operator is out of the danger zone and at the same time flexible to supervise the rewinding.

External Hydraulic Aggregate BHA 22060

For powering the cable rewinding unit an external hydraulic aggregate is to be used.
The BHA 22060 is sound insulated and to be positioned in sufficient distance.

Design flow rate: 60 l/min
Design pressure: 220 bar
Max. pressure:    250 bar

Hydraulic Control

The gauges indicate the locking and drum drive pressure.
They inform permanently about the current pressures and how much reserves are remaining.
Especially for the winding these information are crucial.



Dia. of Drum
Order No.
KSP 80 80000 8600 6000 9000 3572 2000 029.400.00
- 2000   9524 2124 3000 029.430.00
BHA 22060 - 990   1520 920 1620 010.170.00

Specifications are subject without notice