RW 3000 - RW 4000 - RW 5000

Well-proven with compressors, excavators and other construction machines, the application of this material was overdue for Pipe Renewal Winches.

The longevity of the winch aggregate in combination with this housing makes the winch a worth-stable construction machine. The plastic is solid-coloured and available in red, blue, orange and white. Of course it can be painted although.

For operation the soundproofed housing remains closed, only the cover of the control panel has to be opened.

The winch is powered by a diesel engine and is equipped with a steplessly controlled hydrostatic gear. Every Bagela Pipe Renewal Winch is outfitted with automatic hold-on system. The required line pull can be pre-selected by control of the hydraulic oil pump (pressure/flow control) which keeps the winching rope in permanent tension even at varying pull resistance. This system ensures full self-control of the winch and is more effective than manual control of line speed. The line pull may be increased until the hydraulic overflow valves are activated.


The winch itself is consisting of a twin capstan drive and rope storage drum with automatic rope stacking device.  A rope protecting, grooved double capstan system generates the whole pulling force. 
The chassis is spring mounted and can be approved with 100km/h (depending on national road traffic regulations).
The winch is to be retained by two telescopic and pretensionable rear props and a deflection boom against an end trestle.

Technical Data

Telescopic deflection boom, Additional capstan
All Bagela winches can be fitted out with a telescopic deflection boom. An appropriate holder at the winch assures the safe transport of the boom in which the end of the rope can remain.
For pulling in the UV radiator, we offer the integration of an additional capstan.

Winch Control

Serial outfit: Optional outfit:
Hydr. Pulling force indicator Remote control
Engine rpm Printer:
Gear speed shifter PC 310, touch screen indicating:
Pulling force pre-selection •Pre-selected pulling force
Rope speed •Actual pulling force
Rope: In/Stop/Out •Length (progress bar)
Emergency stopp •Speed
Elepsed hour counter Digital recording, data outup on USB port

The plastic housing is solid-coloured and available in red, blue, orange and white. Of course it can be paintec in any RAL colour if desired.

Extras: (on request)

Other type of engines, chassis, paintings and more rope if needed, telescopic deflection boom

Dimensions and weights may differ if extras are fitted.

Type Max. Pulling
Max. Pullling
Engine power






Order No.
RW 3000 30 40 15 10 300 3500 1600 1300 1200 001.002.16
RW 4000 40 40 23 11 300 4200 1600 1300 1450 001.003.13
RW 5000 50 30 23 12 300 4200 1600 1300 1450 001.004.28

Specifications are subjects to change without notice

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