Auxiliary winches 30/11 and 50/03

Auxiliary winch 50/03

Type 30/11

This auxiliary winch, Type 30/11, has been mainly designed for jobs in telecommunication network maintenance. 
A piston may be connected to the front end of the wire rope (4 mm dia.) and be blown by compressed air through ducts of up to 1000 m length. The piston may also be used for gauging the cross section of the duct. When the reel is disengaged from the drive, the rope may be freely pulled off, although the reel may at any time be braked by means of the V-belt.

This handy winch may be used for pulling heavy steel wire ropes of larger cable winches or cables of small diameter. The tension of the V-belt may be increased or decreased as required by hand lever or foot pedal. The rope is neatly stacked on to the reel via a hand-operated stacking mechanism. This type of winch has proved to be easy to handle, especially for long hauls.

Type 50/03

The auxiliary winch, Type 50/03, is mainly used for pipe renewal jobs, where high pulling forces, low line speeds and short rope lengths are required. It is equipped with a 6 mm dia. steel wire rope of 300 m length. 

Both winches may be equipped with a meter counter. All steel parts of the winches are galvanised.

Technical Data

Type Max.
Pulling force
Pulling speed
B&S hand launching
Rope Dia.
Length m
Order No.
30/11 3 17-72 Petrol, 4 kW 4 1100 1100 650 700 215 007.950.00
50/03 5 10-40 Petrol, 4 kW 6 300 1100 650 700 158 007.960.00
Specifications are subjects to change without notice

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