Accessories for our trailers

Carrier Set for up to 9 micro pipe drums, galvanized

WeightOrder No.
145 kg 028.328.02



Mechanical drum brake, for BKT 10 up to BKT 27
galvanized, steel shaft with plain bearings included

Order No. 008.480.01

Tipping container

VolumeOrder No.
2,3 m³ 030.120.00
4,5 m³ 030.113.01
9 m³ 030.150.00

Thermo-Tipping-Container 5,5 m³ BTC 550 for BKT 60 and BKT 80

Keeps the asphalt warm for up to 8 hours.

VolumeLengthWidthHeightWeightOrder No.
5500 kg 2350 mm 1650 mm 1300 mm 890 kg 030.021.00

Uncoiling cage for BKT 18-23-27, Order No. 008.339.01

The uncoiling cage is a trapezoid construction of special section tube. It is open on the top and has carriage rollers on the bottom on which the tube coil is positioned.
At the front and rear side are adjustable guiding rollers, to be altered depending on the diameter of the coil.

Inner WidthInner WidthWeightOrder No.
1430 mm 1465 450 kg 008.339.01




Tube Coil Reels RBH 40 and RBH 63

Gas or water pipes made of PE up to a diameter of 63 mm are generally delivered in bundles. When the packing strops are removed the coils will expand and find to be muddled up due to their own tension.

Bagela tube coil reels offer: 

  • Cost-saving tube laying by one person only
  • Easy and careful handling of the tubes
  • Bundling of the remaining tube into the reel
  • Easy storing and re-usage of the remaining tube

 The coil reels type RH 40 and RH 63 may be used in a cable drum trailer, without the rack.

TypePipe Dia.
Max. Pipe
Coil Outer Dia.
Max. Coil
Max. Pipe Dimensions 
Length / Dia. Coil
m / mm

Order No.
RBH 40 max. 40 max. 1350 max. 400 max. 200 /DN 32)
max. 100 (DN 40)
1450 730 1500  95 004.450.00
RBH 63 max. 63 max. 2200 max. 576 max. 400 (DN 50)
max. 300 (DN 63)
2350 1060 2470 215 004.750.02