Cable pusher BKS 400

Whether in power stations, industrial buildings or shipbuilding industry, there is only a very confined space for cable laying. The BKS 400 is the perfect tool for these conditions:

  • lightweight – only 35kg
  • compact – discharging height= 210mm
  • versatile – for Ø 11 – 70mm + additional capstan
  • high capability – pulling-/pushing power = 400dN


The Bagela cable and pipe pushing unit BKS 400 is designed for working sites with confined space, and is to be used also within buildings, power plants or on ships. It can be positioned directly into the cable tray because of the low weight and dimensions. The single capstan can be used for pulling in cables or pipes; the pushing device is also able to push or to pull in glass fibre rods with a diameter starting from 11mm.

The cable passes over two pairs of propelled pulleys. Two counter pulleys press the cable into the grooves of the two driving pulleys. The tapered pulleys consist of a special high elastic and wear resistant rubber material, thus ensuring adequate friction.

The hydraulic power pack is connected with the pusher BKS 400 by two hydraulic hoses; the operation can be easy managed from the ground, also if the pusher is fixed in a tray.

The hydraulic drive of the BKS 400 can be operated by a separate power pack or by another machine like an excavator, if the below listed parameters can be provided. The connecting hoses between the BKS 400 and the power pack are equipped with a flow divider, which guarantees the infinitely variable adjusting of speed.




BHA 125/15

Hydraulic Power Pack with petrol engine

Order No. 010.120.00


BHA 120/12

Elektrohydraulic Power Pack

Order No. 010.106.00


Hydraulic hoses with speed adjustment,
foward-stop-back, 5 m

Order No 003.558.04

Technical Data


TypePushing Power
Flow rate/
presuure L/bar
Order No.
BKS 400 H 4 0-20 - - 540 250 350 35 012.200.00
BHA 120/12
with E-Motor
- -

2,2 KW

12/120 500 400 500 75 010.106.00
BHA 125/15
Petrol engine
- - 4kW 15/125 990 485 520 84 010.120.00
Hydraulic hoses
with speed adjustment - 5m + 1,25 m - - 10,2 003.558.04
Hydraulic hoses without regulation - 10 m - - 10,8 003.558.02

Specifications are subjects to change without notice

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