The Miniflow is used for blowing in fibre optic cables from 4 up to 11 mm into ducts from 7 up to 20 mm. The Miniflow has a robust and compact design and is very simple to operate. The drive chains are propelled by two low-wear and low-noise hydraulic motors which enable for- and backward movement of the cable.


Technical Data:  
max. speed:  80 m/min
required air flow: 1 m³/min
required air pressure: 15 bar
Control unit and Power Pack  (125 bar / 15 l/min) essential
Order No.  111.301.00

Especially for thinner cables there is a danger of compression. The manometer at the afloat bedded blowing junction unit indicates sequentially the rise of the friction forces between pipe and cable what enables an immediate reaction with increasing the aerial amount or a reducing the pushing speed.

Please use categorical Bagela lube B 50, Order No. 111.340.00

Hydraulic Control Unit Order No. 111.420.00

With the control unit pressure and speed are regulated. The chains of the particular injection system are set in motion by the lever. The Power Pack is required for Bagela Powerflow, Multiflow und Miniflow.

Additional accessory


The insert is available in different sizes and has to be reconciled to the actual size of the cable and the duct. Please specify the outer duct size.

Order No. Pipe dia. mm
111.301.03 10
111.301.10 12
111.301.11 14
111.301.12 16
111.301.14 20

Cable sealing ring

At least 2 pieces are necessary!

Order No. Cable dia. mm
111.318.00 4.0
111.319.00 4.5
111.320.00 5.0
111.321.00 5.5
111.326.00 8.0

Afterblow adapter for mini cable Order No. 111.341.00

With the loops can be reduced down to approx. 70 mm. This rest could be carefully inserted into the micro pipe and the pipe ends connected with a bushing.

Pipe Diameter Order No.
 7 mm 111.341.30
10 mm 111.341.00
12 mm 111.341.10
14 mm 111.341.20
16 mm 111.341.40

Spare Parts

Nylon applicator Order No. 111.334.00

The applicator leads the cable directly into the Miniflow

Wear rail for Chain rail Order No. 111.315.11

for chain rail

Drive chain Order No. 111.315.00

The drive unit consists of two conveyor chains and is provided with special rubber profile. The drive chains pull the cable into the Miniflow. It is recommended to change the two drive chains at the same time.

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